August 15 2013 Thursday at 04:17 AM

New! Handwoven fabric bags

Color me blue.

We recently discovered a gem while strolling through old streets of urban Shanghai.

A sea of blue stacked high amidst a whiff of familiar woodsy scent. At first glance, they look like ordinary fabric but upon closer observation, these are hand weaved fabric with amazingly intricate threading, made from natural cotton using elaborate techniques.

Spotting fabric shoes and a sling fabric bag, Hui is the owner of this quaint shop that is tucked in an antique-filled street. Like caffeine, this was my equivalent of a mood-lifter!

As we followed the proprietress who has been collecting and amassing these fabric some twenty years ago, we were greeted by haphazard rolls of fabric stowed in an alleyway apartment known as linong 里弄 or nongtang 弄堂.

We left the store (more like an oasis) that day with plenty of possibilities. Innumerable visits and lengthy conversations later, a series of limited edition bags in collaboration with a Shanghai artist is finally in the making. After careful selection of our fave fabric patterns, rolls of varying blues were wheeled out of the make-shift warehouse into the trusted hands of local seamstresses.

After reviewing many rounds of embroidery with different color threads, this is our final selection. Need we say more? We've never been so happy to have the blues.