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What’s a good cup of beverage without a flavorful past? Seeking refuge from premium look-alike mugs, look no further. 

This classic pick-me-up is sure to perk up your day! 


Due to the nature of enamelware, it is inevitable if there’s uneven paint on the lid or handle of the mug. This is primarily due to the challenge of printing 4-color artwork over cylindrical surface. In the earlier days, designs such as flower motifs or propaganda messages were transfer print onto the mugs, which limit the artwork details and color options.

To retain the look and feel of the original enamel pieces, we have opted not to add a thicker enamel layer or coat heavier steel, like some of the modern pieces that are readily available in the market. We believe that it is precisely these imperfections that add a little more character to the mugs.

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